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How to Make Time to Travel for Busy Families

Between work and school it can be difficult to find time to travel. But travelling does the heart good. Travelling is good for the heart, the brain, the soul and the family. What is the point in working so hard if you never get to enjoy some fun time?

That’s why we decided we are going to jam pack our weekends with as much fun as possible when we can! Weekend trips allow for easy planning and easy packing on the go. No stressing over packing for long vacations or trying to plan an itinerary. Weekend trips have quickly become our favorite way to travel!

My husband and I both work full time jobs and also both have side jobs. We have 3 children, two of which are little and demand lots of our attention. Our time is often limited. Smaller weekend trips have made it possible for us to put work aside and enjoy time as a family again with no distractions.

My previous mindset was that I had to spend so much time researching and planning and finding the perfect places to go see and stay. So I would stress out and put it off and we would just never go anywhere. Now that I have a new, “just go” mindset, travelling is MUCH more enjoyable.

Now this isn’t saying that I don’t plan. I do plan. The OCD in me just has to do something. But I’m much more lenient about it. I definitely pick out a place to stay and get a quick list together of the “must do” things in the area.

In the car on the way there, I usually search the best restaurants and activities. By the time we arrive, we usually have a general idea of what we are doing.

If you haven’t tried smaller, close by, weekend trips, I suggest you give it a go! See what kind of joy it brings you and your family!

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