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Fun Things to do in St. Simons Island, Georgia

Fun Things to do in St. Simons Island Georgia

My family lives in central Georgia and we are always looking for quick places to visit for the weekends. Only 3 hours away from us is the cutest town, Saint Simons Island!

We visited this past weekend and thought you might like to see our trip and all of the fun things to do in St. Simons Island, GA.

Nothing like a perfect trip to the beach to end the summer with!

Things to Do in St.Simons Island, GA

We were only in town for 3 days so we packed in as much fun as we could! We fell so in love with this town that we will definitely be going back. I will continue to add to this post as we explore the town!

Explore the beaches

Of course one of the best things to do in St.Simons Island is to explore the beautiful beaches.

Normally I am a gulf beach snob and only want the white sand and crystal blue water.

However, St.Simons Island beaches proved me wrong.

The beaches are so cool here. The sand is very easy to walk on and doesn’t blow everywhere like the gulf. Our beach wagon rolls so much better on this type of sand so this saved my husband his usual frustration of hauling the wagon on soft sand.

Where we went, at the Sea Gate Inn, it was not crowded at all. We had tons of beach all to ourselves. And the sunsets on the beach were mezmorizing!

We stayed at East Beach. The waves were perfect for boogie boarding!

We also visited Gould’s Inlet beach which was really neat. During low tide, the beaches wash so far back that there are several areas to swim in. It creates lots of “mini islands”.

I love how much the tide goes in and out during high tide and low tide. The beach washes away leaving so many cool treasures to explore. Which brings us next on this list for things to do in St.Simons Island, finding seashells.

Find seashells on St.Simons Island

So finding seashells on St.Simons Island is actually the true reason we came. I am a total seashell nerd and LOVE to explore for shells!

My friend kept telling me about all the cool wildlife and shells you can find on SSI. She even told me all of her cool tricks to find the best shells!

Pull up a st.simons tide chart. There are 2 alternating high and low tide times throughout the day. You want to go to the beach as soon as low tide hits. This is when the beach is washed all the way back leaving the sand FULL of cool treasures.

We couldn’t walk 3 feet without picking up something cool! We found so many clams, conch shells, hermit crabs, sand dollars and seashells! This was so much fun. My young boys were amazed!

We were told we would find the best shells on North Beach ( Gould’s Inlet) but that wasn’t true in our case. We split our days up and did low tide at each beach. We happened to find all of the best stuff during low tide at East Beach. I’m sure this is always changing, just though I would share our experience.

Explore the town in a golf cart

If you are looking for things to do in St. Simons Island, GA, renting a golf cart at St.Simons Island is a MUST!

SSI is only 12 miles long. In that 12 miles, there are so many neat things to explore. Doing it in a golf cart made it that much cooler! The carts of street legal and you are able to ride them everywhere!

My family probably enjoyed riding all around the town on a golf cart more than anything.

We drove to the pier, all the different beaches, went to the shops, restaurants and even went on a scavenger hunt looking for tree spirits (see below). We listened to our bluetooth speaker and sang beach songs as we explored all over SSI.

Riding the family around in this 6 seater golf cart made our trip so much easier too! We didn’t have to worry about getting sand in the kids car seats. We just jumped on and drove everywhere we wanted.

I highly recommend renting from Island Carts. They were a great company to rent from.

Eat at local restaurants

So many good restaurants to choose from and not enough time! I have one big rule when we go on vacation. We can’t eat at the same restaurants that we have at home. I make a point to do my research and also ask the locals what they like.

After asking the locals the best restaurants to eat at in st.simons, we chose our 4!

The Porch, Iguanas, Half Shell and Mullet Bay! They were all so so good!

I loved the cheese grits from The Porch! I’m not sure what they were but it seemed like they had pimento cheese in them! This was the first time I have ever had chicken and waffles and it was so good! Def a new fav of mine!

Oh and the butter cake at the Half Shell is to die for!!

Trust me and everyone get one for themselves, you aren’t going to want to share!

My son also loved the wax building kids toy that is given with the kids menu. Luckily that kept the kiddos entertained while we waited.

Iguanas was great for a lunch spot. They also have a complimentary ice cream bar. So that was a hit with the kids!

Visit the pier

Visiting the piers in beach towns is always fun! You never know what you may see! There were tons of people and fishermen casting poles and nets out into the water! Stick around and you may see someone catch a shark!

St Simons Island Pier Village

While visiting the pier, you may as well visit all of SSI’s cute shops at St.Simons Island Pier Village. All of these shops are really unique and local stores. There are lots of yummy restaurants to eat at too!

At night in Pier Village, Brogans has live music outside. My kids had a dance party!

Oh and of course my son talked us into getting this hermit crab at pier village. Meet Marshmallow.

Find tree spirits in SSI

St Simons Island tree spirits were something we accidentally stumbled on but it became so much fun!

Around SSI, there are 20 beautiful tree carvings throughout the island. In the 1980’s and artist named Keith Jennings carved these remarkable faces and designs into trees scattered throughout the island.

We drove the golf cart around town to do this fun family scavenger hunt!

Follow this tree spirit map to see if you can find them all!

Visit the parks

St.Simons Island has a ton of awesome parks! Neptune park is absolutely gorgeous and on the beach beside the pier. Great for taking pics next to the gorgeous trees!

Mallery Park st simons island

Mallery Park had the best playground with HUGE slides! Even the adults had a blast on them! I’ve never seen such big slides at a public playground before! The pic doesn’t do it justice!

Visit the St.Simons Island lighthouse

st simons island light house

Saying Goodbye

Hope you enjoyed these things to do in St. Simons Island, Georgia!

Saying goodbye is never fun. We had such a great family time and can’t wait to go back again.

Kelly Hancock

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