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Longboat Key, Florida- The Most Beautiful Beach

Longboat Key Florida

longboat key beach

We finally had a weekend to ourselves. Just me and the hubby! I cannot even begin to tell you how absolutely amazing this trip was. My sweet mother in law offered to watch the kids for us for the weekend. We left Georgia on a Thursday night. We stayed at their house which is about a half way point to Florida. Then woke up bright and early at 6 the next morning to head to Longboat Key, Florida.

When I tell you this was absolutely the best beach trip I have even been on, I mean it. And I have been to A LOT of beaches. Longboat Key is most definitely our new favorite beach town. The atmosphere is just INCREDIBLE!

Pit Stop: Hard Rock Casino Tampa, Fl

Since we were by ourselves, we decided to make a pit stop in Tampa, Florida to the Hard Rock Casino. My mother in love told me about it. I didn’t even know you could gamble in Florida! It was so much fun. We just decided to go in and take a restroom break and each take a few bucks to see if we could win anything. My lucky husband put $20 in a machine and came out with $105! Wahoo, more vacay money!

So after Tampa, our destination to Longboat Key was only an hour away. I love making little stops because it makes the drive so much more enjoyable. We knew we were starving at this point but really wanted to make it to the island to get some local cuisine! We went ahead and put our stuff up and took a look at the beautiful beach on Longboat Key.

Longboat Key Beach, Florida

Longboat Key is definitely one of the prettiest beaches in all of America. It is located a few minutes away from Siesta Key Beach which is rated the number one beach in America. When I tell you that this place is perfect, it really is. The greenery and scenery and beach vibe you get from this place is incredible. It is super clean and the beaches shimmer like gold!

Keep reading for things to do in Longboat Key and restaurants to eat at in Longboat Key.

The Beach on Longboat Key

We stayed at The Beach on Longboat Key. We actually got ours with a great deal on Airbnb! It was very affordable.

I love the way our little private beach was set up because the actual sand area was smaller so we didn’t have to walk far with all of our beach stuff.

The Beach on Longboat Key included beach chairs, loungers and umbrellas. So one of the best parts was not having to bring our own stuff. You are literally on the beach so it is just a few steps from your door.

We got a small unit with a murphy bed. The murphy bed was great because it provided extra space to walk around the room. The Beach on Longboat Key also had a nice pool. There were outdoor showers to wash off after coming in from the beach as well.

This place was perfect and quiet and in a wonderful location. We will definitely be staying here again!

Restaurants in Longboat Key Florida

Dry Dock Waterfront Grill- Longboat Key Restaurants

I don’t eat seafood but my husband loves it. So of course we try to pick seafood restaurants while vacationing on the beach. For our first restaurant we picked one that was waterside! The Dry Dock Waterfront Grill. It is located right on Sarasota Bay at the Boathouse Marina.

This place was amazing! We came right in and were offered an immediate inside table but we knew we wanted our first Longboat Key restaurant to be on the water. So we went to the bar and got some beach drinks while we waited 10 minutes for an outside table right on the water.

Here is my cute beach drink I got called a shark lady. It had the cutest little shark gummy on top!

Then we went outside and got the perfect table right on the dock. Everything was such a beautiful set up. I would love to come here at night because I see they have lights set up everywhere which I can imagine would be gorgeous during sunset.

For food I got the club sandwich and fries and the hubs got the red snapper sandwich with fries. Both were delicious!

You could walk on the dock and see tons of cool fish. We saw two sheephead fish eating the barnacles off the dock wall. I never knew bay water could be so clear and blue! We also loved seeing the fancy boats that pull right up to get off the dock and eat!

The Blue Dolphin Cafe- Longboat Key Restaurants

The next morning we ate and The Blue Dolphin Cafe. It was a great quick meal before we got our day started. We both ordered the special which was $9.99 for a big platter of food! We also split some biscuits and gravy. Our eyes were way bigger than our stomachs because we barely put a dent in all this food. There are also a few little shops next to The Blue Dolphin Cafe so that was pretty cool.

Saint Armands Circle

Our absolute favorite area to go to during the trip was Saint Armands Circle. It was just 5 minutes from our house in Longboat Key and it had everything you needed.

Saint Armands Circle Restaurants

Crab and Fin- Saint Armands Circle Resturants

This was by far our favorite restaurant. It is a little more pricey than we are used to but it was worth every penny. This restaurant is located in Saint Armands Circle. If you go, I suggest you eat outside so you can see all of the beautiful greenery and also people watch. It is so fun to see all the different types of people here. So much diversity. Several people walked by talking different languages.

I ordered the filet and he ordered the swordfish. We also got a ceasar salad to split. The bread they bring to the table was so good. I could have just eaten the bread and been satisfied.

They had a list of special menu items that included a 3 course meal for $32. This was perfect for us because my husband really wanted to try the oysters as an appetizer but he knew I would not eat them. So this gave him the opportunity to get whatever he wanted without worrying about me.

He got the swordfish, 3 oysters and a keylime pie. All of that was included in the $32 special.

And my steak. Oh my goodness that steak. It came chargrilled with roasted garlic fingerling potatoes, sautéed asparagus, crispy onions and bearnaise sauce. Now I have never had bearnaise sauce and I tell you it was absolutely incredible. Almost a hot whipped butter flavor.

Oh and I can’t forget my fancy drink. It came with a flower in it. Cool, right? I know, it’s the small things in life. It doesn’t take much to impress me. But seriously, how cute is that drink? It was the Mezcal Margarita. It had Zignum Resposado Mezcal, fruit de la passion, muddled strawberries, fresh squeezed lime, honey syrup & salted rim. So good!

Mexico Lindo- Saint Armands Circle Restaurants

We can’t go anywhere for longer than a few days without getting mexican food! Mexico Lindo is a restaurant in St.Armands Circle. Mexico Lindo was very good!

We are chips and queso gurus and theirs were delicious! The salsa had great flavor and the queso was nice and thick. Oh and Mexico Lindo’s guacamole was so flavorful!

My husband got some kind of chile relano and I got chicken chimichangas. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like the sour cream sauce, so my nice waitress put it on the side for me. I ended up loving it!

Margaritas were on point too! Which of course is the most important.

Daiquiri Deck Raw Bar- St. Armands Restaurants

Daiquiri Deck Raw Bar in St.Armands Circle was great! You can eat there or just enjoy a nice frozen mixed drink and walk around saint armands circle with it.

They have great happy hour specials from 3pm-7pm. I love that you can just take your drink to go and walk around. They even have nice stainless steel tervis cups you can keep!

I got the combo MangoDango and hubs got the Deck Diesel. They even pour extra shots on top to make it fancy. You can also add an extra shot for $3 if you wish.

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream- Saint Armands Circle

I love me some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. We saw several ice cream shops in St.Armands Circle but when I saw Ben and Jerry’s, I had to get it. I got my favorite, cookie dough. My husband got strawberry. Super yummy and we got to walk all around town with it.

Kilwins Chocolates- Saint Armands Restaurants

I guess this really isn’t quite a restaurant but more of a huge dessert shop. They have all the most amazing homemade candies and homemade fudge. The smell lures you in. One of my favorite things to do in Saint Armands Circle is to watch them make the candy! It is such a cool process!

St Armands Circle Shopping

St Armands Circle is such a cool little shopping center. It is filled with amazing restaurants, boutiques and stores. We spent two days out of three days here. So many stores to visit. I love how unique to the area some of the stores are. There are even walk in salons and spas so you could give yourself a real treat.

Crazy Shirts- St Armands Circle Shopping

crazy shirts saint armands circle

There are many cool stores here but perhaps the coolest store of all was Crazy Shirts. After talking to an employee about it, we thought this place was so freaking cool.

I tried to double check the website so I could make sure I was telling you all about it correctly. Surprising to me, they really don’t emphasize how great this place is on their website. If I had a store with such unique stuff I would def display it on my site. Anyway, here is what makes it so cool.

Crazy Shirts has specialty dyed most of their clothes. I wish I had taken more pictures to show you. So most of the clothing is naturally and specialty dyed using natural things. For instance, orange colored items in the store are all naturally dyed with tangerines. They have a coffee colored shirt that is dyed with cocoa beans. It actually still smells like it too! The man said it the smell would come out within a few washes.

Yellow clothes are dyed with pineapple. Wine colored clothes are dyed with wine. Pale yellow with beer. Some are made with volcanic ash, blue is made with Blue Hawaii Curacao liqueur.

I mean how cool is this??

Perhaps the coolest one was the money clothes. The green clothes are made of old mint money. He said each shirt each made of about $135 in old bills. How stinking cool.

They also package them up in the cool gift wrap that tells you what it is dyed with.

The Ancient Olive

ancient olive

I’m so glad we found this place in St.Armands Circle. It is a store with taste testings and samples of ultra premium extra virgin olive oils and aged balsamic vinegars. They have the most unique flavors and everything we tried was so so good.

We bought 2 bottles of their high quality olive oils. We bought garlic and basil. We have been going nuts cooking with them lately. The difference in this oil and regular olive oil is just crazy. It really makes such a difference in your food.

Visit Anna Maria Island, Fl

We enjoyed this trip so much. Be sure to visit Anna Maria Island while you are there! Check out our trip and all the fun things to do> HERE.

Until next time, cheers!


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