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Yogi Bear Campground Madison, Fl- Jellystone Park

As you can probably tell by now, we have been making time for a lot of quick travelling this year. This year travelling has been so much fun. We are always on the go visiting new places on the weekends. This weekend we chose to go to the Yogi Bear Campground Madison, Fl. I have heard so many great things about it. Be sure to check out my travel section on the blog especially if you want to travel in the Southeast.

Interested in booking a trip to Yogi Bear Madison Fl? Click HERE to go to their page.

Yogi Bear Campground

I work for a pediatric dental practice and I am always asking the children what they did in the summer. A few of them had been mentioning how awesome Jellystone Park was so I had been wanting to check it out for a while now.

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park has over 75 plus locations in the U.S and Canada. Lucky for us, there was a location in Madison, Fl which was only about 2 and a half hours from us. My parents have a camper and we usually travel with about 11 of us at a time. I wasn’t feeling being cramped this weekend and also wanted to do a good review for you guys, so my part of the family opted for a cabin rental.

Yogi Bear Campground Madison, Fl

The campground was really nice! My parents had an awesome camping spot right by the gorgeous lake. Full hook up. There was gorgeous nature views and lots of shady trees. It was nice because we went in the hottest part of the year so the trees kept it cooler. I loved the moss on the trees. I have a weird thing for moss.

Yogi Bear Jellystone Park Cabin Rentals

We had a cabin rental right across from them. They have tons of cabins but we purposely were trying to save money and just got the cheapest bare bones cabin. It did not include a bathroom. Which was fine because my parents camper was right across from us. There were also decent bathrooms a short walk away. Now normally this would have been fine with us but you’ll see why it wasn’t in just a second.

Here is our cabin. Just a basic real style cabin. Basically just a wooden box. A full size bed and a set of bunk beds. It also included a table and chairs. Also had a mini fridge, microwave and a coffee maker. The cabin had a little front porch with a swing and table outside. The view was incredible. We had the perfect spot. But that is when things went south..

When we were laying our stuff on the bed, a HUGE, no exaggerating, HUGE spider glided down its web string from the ceiling towards our suitcase on the bed. Ohhh myyyy gahhhhh. All I could think of was that I would normally be laying there asleep when that spider came down. I could just picture that huge spider crawling on my face or in my mouth. Or my ears. At this point my mind was getting ahead of itself.

We left our stuff in there and went and enjoyed the awesome waterpark. When we came back that night, we saw TWO MORE huge spiders on the wall inside the cabin. Nope. Done. D-U-N. Dun.

So needless to say, we all crammed in my parents camper both nights. So basically we threw $250 out the window. Well your water park passes are included so technically it wasn’t a waste of money.

Anyway aside from our spider cabin, everything else was GREAT. So please don’t let that stop you from going here. I really wish we could of toured the other cabins so I could have seen if they were as rustic as ours.

Yogi Bear Campground Jellystone Park Madison, Florida

Yogi Bear Campground: Jellystone Waterpark

The water park passes are included in your camp stay. This makes it SO worth it! We had an absolute blast here! The park includes an enormous 60 foot water slide. It is a twirly one so it is enjoyable for all ages. I enjoyed it as well as my 5 year old!

The lazy river was my favorite part. It is a huge, slow moving, circular pool that goes all around. The water slide ends into it as well. Me and my 2 year old floated around this lazy river almost the entire time. I also like how you enter the lazy river. It is almost like a zero entry pool. It ramps down into the lazy river.

We also loved that it is set up like a beach. All around the pool was beach sand. So while the kids took a break from swimming, they got to play in the sand. Jellystone Park Madison Florida also had really cool water wars. You had these two big water balloon launchers where you could launch water balloons at your opponent. How fun is that?

Oh and I can’t forget the splash pad. It’s really big and in the middle of the water area so you can keep an eye on your littles while they splash around. There were plenty of snack stations and also bathrooms nearby. Which is important with little ones.

Lake Water Park

jellystone park madison fl

Yogi Bear Madison, Fl has a really cool lake water park. It had lots of huge inflatable obstacle courses and they provided all of the life jackets as well. You could rent mini-boats and paddle boards.


This park is filled with things to do. Miniature golf looked super fun but we never got around to playing it. They also have a theatre where you can go watch movies every night! They had cool volleyball courts and even bikes you could rent.

You can fish in their big beautiful. We didn’t get a chance to fish though but we saw several people fishing. There were a few pools too. So nowhere gets crowded. They have a kids playground and even a big inflatable jumping pad.

There is a general store which was really nice. It was actually rather big and had tons of essentials. So if you forgot to bring something, chances are they have it!

Yogi Bear Jellystone Park Madison Florida Gem Mining

I LOVE gem mining. Seeing the kids faces light up when they get their treasures is priceless! This is seriously fun for the whole family.

You buy a bag a sand filled with gems and treasures from the general store. They have different sizes and different types to choose from. Some of them were filled with sharks teeth which I thought was super cool. Then they have the big wash area to pour your sand in sifters and see what treasures you find.

I believe the bag of stuff that you see above was only $12. So not bad at all on the price either. Especially for the precious memories of seeing their excitement.

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